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Kim 'n' Terry

Kim n Terry will connect with your audience, bring smiles and laughter,
 and they’ll make you look good!

For Bookings Contact:

503-908-0951 or email: kimmielou56@hotmail.com

Featured Shows for 2019:

  • "South of The Border"
  • “Country Gold”
  • "That's Amore!" 
  • “The Fabulous 40s"
  • "1950's Malt Shop"
  • "The Sensational 60's"
  • "Legends" 
  • "Saturday Barn Dance" 
  • "Patriotic - Made In The USA" 
  • "Surfin' USA"
  • "Sizzlin' Summer"
  • "Rhinestone Cowboy"
  • "Old Fashioned Christmas"

We take pride in the ability to design a show to your personal requests, whether it be a birthday party, anniversary party, wedding, outdoor festival, or other special events.

About Us:

Kim and Terry are exactly what they appear to be: 
funny, sincere, and fantastic entertainment!
Kim and Terry involve their audiences by connecting through 
memories, melodies, friendship and humor.  
The shows transport to another time and place such as
 “1950's Malt Shoppe”, "Groovy Sensational 60's" or the 
"South Of The Border" Show. 
Our shows inspire the imagination, such as the 
"Saturday Barn Dance", where the audience becomes part 
of the broadcast, while we introduce the Stars.
Their creative performances capture the spirit of the season, as in their 
"Made In The USA" & their "Old Fashioned Christmas" show.
Kim & Terry's love for music and each other 
has grown for more than 38 years. 
Their tight harmonies are enhanced by transparent, powerful backgrounds developed by Terry in their own 
state of the art digital studio. 
Kim & Terry don't just sing to your crowd, 
they entertain them! 
Our CD is now available,
click "Buy Now" to purchase.

Kim n Terry” will connect with your audience, bring smiles and laughter,

and they’ll make you look good!

(We have many references, please feel free to inquire)